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Getting past the most difficult hurdles between you and where you want to be.

There’s a point you reach in photography when you have become reasonably proficient with your camera, you’ve collected a solid kit, but you’re not feeling like you’ve reached the standard to which you aspire. Even worse, you realise you’ve started to plateau. It’s frustrating. Especially if you’ve got big dreams for your photography, like turning pro, getting published, competing for awards, exhibiting work… taking it further in a meaningful way.

Maybe group workshops aren’t really helping anymore, because you’re starting to feel like you’re just watching others catch up to where you already are. And buying new lenses doesn’t open up new creative areas the way it used to.

I’ve been hearing from more and more photographers that I teach, that they are more interested in one-on-one tuition. And I’m interested in this too, because I know I can teach more effectively if the time spent is focused on where one person needs the most development. But it takes more than one session to identify these areas and teach them effectively. So, I’ve created something new - the Mastery Programme.

This programme is for aspiring photographers who are ready to go ALL IN. The concept is that we design and work through a process that’s built around your particular challenges and goals. There’s a thorough curriculum, but it’s flexible and responsive. The goal is to get you ready to launch into photography for real, as a capable, self-confident professional.

You will become highly skilled at directing your subjects. People you photograph will talk about how much they enjoyed working with such expert guidance. You’ll design sophisticated, atmospheric lighting that will noticeably elevate your work. You'll have a network of great models and makeup artists to call upon, a professional-level portfolio, and all your social media perfectly set up. You will be 100% ready to launch your photography career in earnest, confident that you can deliver something of professional quality and unique creative vision, every time.

Intensive, focused, personalised, one-on-one training and mentoring.

This is a completely different approach to learning than just attending group workshops and classes. The mentoring system is about setting concrete goals, and making plans to achieve them, methodically and efficiently.

Over a period of 6 weeks, you will receive very thorough training that is tailored around the skills you want to achieve, not just in the technical aspects of photography, but also building your self-confidence, improving your interactions with models and collaborators, crafting your public image, and more. This will be taught through a mixture of one-on-one tuition, and supervised practical challenges and projects.

We will completely avoid the usual aimless, meandering learning curve suffered by most amateur photographers working in the dark, and instead achieve rapid progress through a guided, methodical process. Once the lights are turned on on your photographic journey, you will be amazed at how quickly you can become a confident, capable professional with a solid reputation.

Why should I do this instead of just attending some workshops?

Because this method is personalised, goal-oriented and efficient. You can decide where you want to focus your training time, and I can work really directly and personally with you, and give you personalised advice and guidance on where you need to improve and how to make it happen.

More than just lessons

You'll also receive generous additional studio access for your own projects throughout the duration, including plenty of guidance in the process. This is to provide you with more creative freedom to explore and practice, and as a process of confidence building.

Your training will include various challenges, to keep you exploring beyond your comfort zone, discovering and building on your strengths, and tackling any weaknesses head on.

Flexibility and accountability

We can create a schedule that suits your availability, and will regularly review your progress against goals set for your training, making any necessary adjustments as we go.

Developing your identity as a photographer

This is not just about teaching you to shoot like me. This is about helping you to develop your own unique voice as a creative photographer, so that you'll have something distinctive to offer that your clients can't get from anyone else. If they can only get your style from one place, you won’t ever have to compete on price alone.

We’ll revamp the way you present yourself online, to remove the language of a “budding photographer”, instead projecting professional confidence.

Building your creative network

Through the process, you'll develop working relationships with other creatives, such as makeup artists and models, establishing your own industry network that will be the foundation of your future signature output.

So how does it work?

We'll begin with a preliminary meeting, discussing your goals, looking at the sort of work you want to be creating. We'll run through a process identifying the key areas that need to be addressed to get you there. Then we'll plan out a programme to tackle these things in a methodical way. Every aspect of the course can be scheduled to your convenience - weekdays or weekends, daytimes or evenings.

After the course

Beyond the course, we’ll continue to support your development through discounted studio hire, additional support with your projects and jobs, and access to further mentoring and assistance.

About Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy is a professional photographer with 25 years of experience in photography and contemporary art. As a photographer, he has mainly specialised in the areas of fashion, glamour, general portraiture, dance and fine art. He is currently one of Perth's most well-known and skilled fashion and beauty photographers, and manages River Road Studios, a major commercial fashion studio in Bayswater.

Jeremy has been teaching photography for nine years, and is known as an articulate and enthusiastic teacher. He has a strong background in improving photographers' abilities in studio lighting, natural light photography, model direction, creative planning, digital editing, dance photography, subject psychology and more.

He has been a popular speaker and judge at camera clubs throughout Perth for many years, and, through River Road Studios, has been instrumental in developing the careers of dozens of professional photographers in Perth.


Value delivered in this programme:

The total cost of the programme is $2995.00. Flexible payment plans can be arranged.

I accept a very limited number of clients for this programme, in order to be able to deliver the best attention to detail and time commitment for each client. Places are currently available for the coming months.

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Use the form below, or give Jeremy a call on 0417 960 680.


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