Studio Hire

Rates: $50/hr, minimum two-hour hire.

What's included:

Studio A

Studio A measures 12.2m x 5.3m, and features a 3.6m high white backdrop. The opposite wall is no longer dark silver (a work in progress), the side wall is bare concrete texture.

The white shooting area is 4m deep.

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Studio B

Studio B measures 8.4m x 5.6m, and features a 3m high black fabric drop with black carpet floor, as well as other wall textures including white and concrete.

The black shooting area is 4m deep.

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If your booking is at short notice, please text Jeremy on 0417 960 680.

Please note that your booking is not finalised until you have received confirmation from us via email, typically within 48 hours of your request.

Hourly rate: $50/hr

There is a minimum 2hr charge.

Day rate:

Weekdays: $300/day
Weekends: $400/day

The day rate kicks in automatically whenever your hourly value exceeds the day rate charge. The day rate covers the period from 7AM to 6PM; any hours outside that window are charged at the regular rate.

With day rate bookings for two studios, the second studio will be automatically discounted by 40%.

Contact Name
Which space?
Studio A
Both studios
Studio B
Either studio
Booking date
Times From to
Morning surcharge before 7AM:
Evening surcharge after 6PM:
* There is a two hour minimum charge

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